“The Odd Years” Kussee Family Reunion July 2013
Inter-mountain Power Plant 10 miles north of Delta, Utah

Bringing out the inner chef while getting to know the family better.  We will have about 14 families.

A representative of each family will prepare and clean up each meal.  (Randomly selected at the reunion).  For example one child from each of the families will get together and prepare, serve and clean up.  This means they are in charge and can ask assistance from their spouse or other people from their family.   This will be a fun opportunity for everyone to get reacquainted.

The meals will be kind of....Pot luck with a theme, be creative and bring your families favorites to share.  The group that will be preparing the food will make the main part of the meal together and then the condiments, toppings or other things that will make the meal crazy good.

Eating utensils, plates, cups and napkins will be provided.  I will bring ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise and salad dressing..  Bring other condiments that you would like.

Friday evening 5th July.......6 pm BBQ

        Bring enough meat of your choice for your family (buns if needed)
                ● Steaks
                ● Dogs
                ● Fish
                ● Hamburger
                ● and etc
        Toppings.....here is a good place to go crazy(ie for hamburger–ding dang hot sauce or what            ever your heart desired).  I will bring tomatoes, lettuce, dill pickles and onions.

        Side dish to share.................Can be an intensely insane dish that might be hard to pronounce          but easy to eat.

        Enough chips of your choice to feed your family and be shared .

           Dessert.......Ice Cream Floats “zippy ones” be imaginative, enough ice cream and your                       favorite sodas to float your boats.  If everyone brings enough for their family then we can all             have a large variety to choose from.  Just put the ice cream in a paper bag rolled down tight               and in a cooler to get it to the reunion.  There are two huge freezers on the reunion site.

Saturday Morning 6th July.......8:30am French Toast

          Bring the funkiest bread-----like cinnamon rolls, banana bread, cinnamon bread, regular,                   wheat, that makes your family purr!!!! Please bring the most stupendous toppings, the world
          has ever heard of like: Strawberries, cream cheese with chocolate sauce or some other
          original or creative ideas.

       Juice and or milk (enough for your family).

Saturday Lunch on your own: I’ll bring “Fluff” and Peanut Butter and I’ll have “Otter Pops”.

Saturday Night 6th July..........6pm Baked Potato Bar

       You bring your favorite toppings for your baked “mister potato head” like.........Chilli, Cheese           Sauce, Salsa and any other “juju” that you might like and I will have butter, shredded cheese,            and sour cream and green onions

       Potatoes will be provided!!!!!!!!!

       Vegetables, ( for veggie tray) dips, (to share). Think “different”

       Fruit enough for you family (to share).   If you have a great fruit dip bring it!!!!!

          Enough frozen lemonade concentrate for you family ( to be shared).

          Dessert: Bring something fun and inventive to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday Morning 7th July...............9am Scrambled eggs + Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

          Bring one package of Jimmy Deans Sausage Regular, not Hot  (1 package serves 8 people) the             sausage will be in the gravy.
          FROZEN Pillsbury Biscuits that are in a plastic bag are the BEST.  The “original”  kind is                    better than “southern”style. Bring enough for your family.

          1 cube of butter (no margarine please)                           1 gallon of milk and 1 cup of flour

          More fruit to share.


Remember - there are no beds... We will be sleeping on the floor (unless you bring an air mattress or cot). The main area (one big room) has carpet. There are several smaller rooms (basketball courts, racket ball courts, etc) if you want some privacy - but these rooms are not carpeted. There is lots of grass outside if you would like to camp, and parking hookups for RV’s. Remember Delta can be hot in July, but the building is air conditioned..

For toddlers - we might build a corral of tables - to give them lots of room to play.

See ya’ll ya’ll there.  Love you guys, Grandma xoxoxo

Directions below.

The ODD Years

The ODD Years
Directions to Inter-mountain Power Plant
850 Brush Wellman Road, Delta, UT
From Las Vegas about 324 miles 4 hours 47 min.
go north on I-15 for about 270 miles.
Take exit 158 for Utah 133 towards Meadow for   0.3 miles
Turn left on Utah 133 S        0.1 mile
Continue onto S 3200 W St.      500 feet
Turn right toward S 2800 W       0.8 miles
Turn left onto S 2800 W for    5.3 miles
Continue straight onto UT-100 N/N 3200 W   12.3 miles
Turn left onto US-50 W            14.6 miles
Continue onto UT-136 N            3.0 miles
Turn right onto US-6 E    5.9 miles
Turn left onto UT-174 S (Brush Wellman Rd) for 8.1 miles
From Provo, UT   86.9 miles about 1 hour 29 minutes
Go south on US-15 for about 35.6 miles
Take exit 228 for US-28 toward I-15 Bus/N Main st. for 0.3 miles
Sight right onto State route 41/UT-28 S 2.7 miles
Turn right onto UT-132 W/ W 100 N 33.2 miles
Left turn onto US-6 W 5.5 miles
Right turn onto UT-174 S (Brush Wellman Rd) for 8.1 miles.
From Boise about 459 miles 6 hours 58 minutes
Go south on I-84 E toward Salt Lake City about  301 miles
Continue onto I-15 S toward Salt Lake City         184 Miles
A Choice - either continue to Provo & take Provo directions (mostly I-15 freeway) or Goggle direction (shorter - but mostly 2 lane highway) as follows
Take exit 289 for UT-289/ Bangerter Hwy       0.2 miles
Keep right at fork towards Riverton/Bluffdale      2.7 miles
Turn left onto UT-68 S /S Redwood Rd               40.9 miles
Turn right onto US-6 W / W 15200 S                 50.2 miles
Turn right onto UT-174 S  (Brush Wellman Rd) for 8.1 miles
The smoke stack for the power plant is visible for many miles.


Come join the fun again !!

The entrance to Inter-mountain Power Plant Recreation Center
The 2013 ODD Years reunion for the Kussee families will be held on July 5th and 6th with checkout on the 7th of July in time for you to get home. The location has moved to the "Inter-mountain Power Plant" recreation center located just east of Delta in the center of Utah.

Part of kitchen area

The recreation center is a very large, air-conditioned building that includes a commercial kitchen, two walk-in freezers, two commercial refrigerators, about 15 feet of grill space and several large cooking pots.

Part of kitchen area
The building was part of the construction facilities when the Inter-mountain Power Plant was build about 10 years ago by Los Angeles City. They had to import about 500 construction workers - house and feed them for several years and used this building to feed and provide recreation for the workers. The dormitories have been torn down, but the recreation building remains for use by the town and large groups to use. -- Aren't we lucky ???
Part of eating area

 The eating area is carpeted and has 4 person tables and chairs. Up to 300 people can sit in this area. There is also a do-it-yourself "snack kitchen" available for us.

Pool tables & ping pong tables
The building includes seven pool tables, and two pong-pong tables.

The large indoor basketball court is currently rigged with two volleyball nets side-by-side.

There are two indoor racquetball courts.